Integrative Veterinary Medicine

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An on-demand course broken down into 5 Modules that takes veterinarians on a deep dive to learn new tools for diagnostics, advanced integrative treatments and a deep understanding of the biology of the body.

The course includes:

- Diagnostics beyond CBC, chemistry, urinalysis and x-rays.

- Expanding the tool kit to meet the complexity of dis-ease. Treatments include ozone, intravenous laser light therapy, hyperbaric oxygen, Assisted Lymphatic Therapy, and much more!

- Utilizing nutraceuticals with specific therapies to activate and enhance innate biochemical pathways to promote detoxification, regeneration and repair.

- Integrating energy medicine to support the body's innate intelligence.

- Understanding the importance of detoxifying the six organs of elimination along with effective treatments.

- Supporting the body's natural pathways to eliminate abnormal cells.

- Understading the role of nutrient deficiencies and toxin excesses and providing solutions to bring the body back in balance.

Cancer is now recognized as a dis-ease caused by mitochondrial dysfunction, nutrient deficiencies, and trapped emotions.

Before you lose another patient...

Before you tell a client "There's nothing more we can do"...

Join the many integrative veterinarians that are successfully impacting the health and longevity of their fur patients.

*Transforming Vet Medicine courses are not refundable.



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